How Do Common Dental Problems Affect My Overall Health?

How Do Common Dental Problems Affect My Overall Health?

In our mouths, there are many microorganisms. Most of these are safe, and this is usual. Regular tooth cleaning and flossing keep bacteria levels under control. However, issues might arise when poor oral hygiene is present. The bacteria in your mouth grow and produce acids when they react with the sugar in meals. 

These acids assault the tooth, producing periodontitis, cavities, gum disease, and tooth decay. These conditions may result in infections that spread to other body areas. Here are a few of the health issues linked to inadequate dental hygiene.

Bacteria are often kept in check by the body’s natural defenses and proper oral hygiene practices like regular brushing and flossing. But without good dental hygiene, germs may build up to the point where they cause oral illnesses including tooth decay and gum disease.

Additionally, several drugs may decrease saliva flow, including decongestants, antihistamines, opioids, diuretics, and antidepressants. Saliva assists in protecting you against microorganisms that proliferate and cause illness by washing away food and neutralizing acids generated by bacteria in the mouth.

Cardiovascular Disease: Heart Attacks and Strokes

Lack of everyday tooth brushing and flossing results in plaque buildup on the teeth. Your chance of having a heart attack or stroke may rise as a result. Atherosclerosis is caused by more than just cholesterol. According to American Heart Foundation research, dental plaque bacteria may cause clogged arteries. Plaque enters the circulation and may get ensnared in a heart artery. As a result, a heart attack or stroke may occur.

Endocarditis: A Heart Condition

The teeth and gums are attacked by bacterial colonies that have accumulated in the mouth, which may result in gingivitis (gum disease). Gums that have gingivitis bleed. Bacteria then enter the circulation and may spread to other parts of the body after that. A colony may cause endocarditis, an infection of the inner lining of your heart chambers or valves when it gets close to the heart.


Diabetes may be made more difficult by gum disease. Periodontitis, or gum inflammation, is a dangerous dental condition in which the gums begin to pull away from the teeth and create gaps. These cracks may spread infection very fast. 

Periodontitis makes it more difficult for a diabetic person’s body to effectively absorb the insulin treatment that reduces blood sugar levels. In turn, ongoing blood sugar elevations aggravate oral infections, which further increase inflammation. It’s a never-ending circle. It is crucial that diabetics maintain excellent tooth health because of this.


Your lungs get air via your mouth. Bad bacteria may readily enter your lungs and cause pneumonia or other respiratory issues if there is an unhealthy quantity of them in your mouth. Ailments like pneumonia may become life-threatening when they affect the elderly, therefore it is especially important for them to continue to take care of their teeth, including dentures.


Periodontal bone loss and tooth loss are both associated with this bone-weakening condition. There is a little chance that the jawbones might be harmed by a few medications used to treat osteoporosis.


Gum disease has the potential to infiltrate the circulation, lining blood vessels with plaque and raising blood pressure.

Arthritis Rheumatoid

Rheumatoid arthritis and gum disease have a close relationship. The bacteria in our mouths might cause more bodily inflammation, which raises the possibility of getting rheumatoid arthritis.

Renal Disease

The kidneys, heart, bones, and blood pressure are all impacted by renal disease, which is a medical condition. Kidney disease may be caused by periodontal disease. Due to their weakened immune systems, patients with gum disease may be more prone to infection. Many people with poor dental health also have renal disease, which, if left untreated, may result in kidney failure.

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